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    Modern wall decor: 6 amazing ideas

    Modern wall decor is an amazing area of interior design. It allows you to use very unusual and original tricks to make your interior astonishing. We found for you 6 amazing and unusual items to smarten up your walls. #1 – Modern wall decor with a car in your living room Look at this wonderful effect! There is nothing more modern than hanging a beautiful piece of a car to your wall. The good thing is that you can paint it according to the rest of your room so that it fits perfectly in it. Lighting effects will also be very important to ensure that this important piece of your…

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    10 creative ideas to add modern paint color on your walls

    Painting walls and ceiling are an important part when decorating a house. When going in the modern style, it’s a good idea to use modern paint color and use neutral colors to paint walls, like grey or white. A trend that we particularly love is to paint the walls and the ceiling with the same color, in order to visually merge all the elements and to create a very clean style. Here are ideas on how to paint to add color touches and effects while keeping a modern home style. #1 – Add a strong contrast on one wall In most of the case, it will create the impression that…

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    20 ways to bring golden touches to your modern home decor

    Adding golden accents in your mix of materials and colors will bring a chic touch and an interesting contrast to your modern home decor. Due to its shiny appearance, this color should be used sparingly. In order to create a harmonious decor and ambiance, golden touches should be used with frank colors to create perfect contrasts.

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    5 tips to create modern bedroom decor in your home

    Creating modern home decor in bedrooms is all about the colors and the shapes you are going to choose. Modern home decor tends to use neutral colors, like grey and dark grey, with symmetrical and sharp shapes. To bring life in the rooms, when you choose modern home furniture, you should add some colorful accents. In this post, we present your 5 inspirations to create a modern bedroom decor style.