Interior decor

10 creative ideas to add modern paint color on your walls

Painting walls and ceiling are an important part when decorating a house. When going in the modern style, it’s a good idea to use modern paint color and use neutral colors to paint walls, like grey or white.

A trend that we particularly love is to paint the walls and the ceiling with the same color, in order to visually merge all the elements and to create a very clean style.

Here are ideas on how to paint to add color touches and effects while keeping a modern home style.

#1 – Add a strong contrast on one wall

Living room with modern paint color

In most of the case, it will create the impression that the room is bigger. It will add a colorful touch to your decor style, while staying modern and clean.

The current trend is to choose the blue for the single wall.

#2 – Create visual illusions with modern paint color

Bedroom with a paint alcove on the wall

Play with the paint to create visual effects. For example. in a bedroom, create the illusion of an alcove by painting a large colored strip on the adjacent walls and the ceiling.

In the living room, you can create the illusion of a fireplace by painting a very large strip on your wall, from the floor to the ceiling.

#3 – Create a space inside a room

Kitchen with a different color than the rest of the room

Use colors to create multiple spaces into a single room.

In an open area, you can visually create the space of your kitchen or dining space. This trick might be very useful if you have your home office’s desk in a room.

#4 – Add a cocooning effect in a small bedroom

Triangle to delimit the bed space in a modern bedroom

By adding a triangle around the bed, you will create a wonderful cocooning effect, while staying in a very modern home style.

This will also enlarge the room and clearly delimit the bed space in the room.

#5 – Use a single modern paint color

A modern living room with walls, floor and shelves painted with the same modern paint color

If you are audacious enough, you can use only color to paint everything in the room: ceiling, wall, moldings, shelves… everything uses the same color.

It will create an amazing effect of fusion and will definitely bring a modern touch to your home decor.

Petrol blue is a trendy modern color paint, and will definitely make your space colorful, welcoming and modern. You can also use golden accents in the living room to make it even more awesome.

#6 – Add textures and color

Wall with wooden cleats and color to create a modern home decor

By using wooden cleats and applying your color evenly on the whole surface, you will create depth on your wall and a dynamic and modern style.

#7 – Apply a colorful touch on your doors

A blue door on white walls to create a modern style

A trend that we can see more and more in the modern home decor space is to apply a specific color to the doors.

It will create a very nice touch in your home!

#8 – Create an effect with a corridor

Corridor with a color different for the door and the ceiling

Corridors are often left alone. However, when creating a decor with a modern style, you don’t want to abandon any space.

By using a different color for a wall and the ceiling, you will create an amazing style for your corridor.

#9 – Use wallpaper to create a modern mural space

A wallpaper to create a modern decor in a living room

For a very unique and modern touch, use a special wallpaper on one side of your wall to create a beautiful effect.

Going for geometric shapes are a sure choice, you can choose them with closed eyes. However, opt for sober colors: one or two maximum, that are harmonious with the rest of the room.

#10 – Dare for an asymmetric shape

Modern living room corner, with an asymmetric yellow square painted on the wall

Add a strong accent on a specific area of your room. For example, you can paint an asymmetric shape on your door or any other elements of your room: the colorful touch will stand out!