Golden cabinet in a modern living room
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20 ways to bring golden touches to your modern home decor

Adding golden accents in your mix of materials and colors will bring a chic touch and an interesting contrast to your modern home decor.

Due to its shiny appearance, this color should be used sparingly. In order to create a harmonious decor and ambiance, golden touches should be used with frank colors to create perfect contrasts.

Black and gold create a wonderful combination for a modern decor style. Neutral color will marry perfectly with golden, white and grey.

For those of you wanting colors, blue, pink, and purple form very beautiful and elegant combinations with gold color as well.

Here are 20 ideas to integrate golden home decor accents in your house.

#1 – Elegant golden coffee table in a modern home decor

Elegant golden coffee table in a modern home decor
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Coffee table is a very good way of adding golden accent in room. By choosing a white top and golden feet, you are creating an eye catching contrast.

By using the gold color only for the feet, you keep the presence of the gold as an accent only – keeping the classy and modern touch you are looking for.

#2 – All golden modern side table

All golden modern side table
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When the room is not already full of gold, adding a strong golden accent will brighten a modern home decor.

This table is completely golden, and creates a strong contrast with the grey wall behind it.

#3 – Chic and simple golden pouf base

Chic and simple golden pouf base
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You can use the base of a pouf to bring the golden touch you are looking for in your modern home decor.

While choosing an upper part that is harmonious with the rest of your living room, add a strong visual accent by choosing a nice golden base.

#4 – Small storage cabinet integrated in a modern home decor

Small storage cabinet with golden door
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Adding golden color is all about keeping it discreet yet visible. It’s about balance.

By choosing a relatively small unit, with a golden door and a wooden body, you are creating an amazing contrast in the room.

The pattern of the door and the golden and wood color definitely create a nice modern touch to your home decor.

#5 – Beautiful geometric golden shelves

Geometric golden shelves
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Shelves are wonderful touches to a home decor. Hanging to the wall, they won’t use space on the floor, and will allow you to add even more accents to your room.

It’s also a good choice to add a golden accent. Shelves can clearly be one very special touch of a modern home decor, by being the only strong golden accent of the space.

#6 – Cushions with light golden lines

Cushions with light golden lines
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Cushions are one of the easiest and creative accents to use. You can find some of them with very thin golden lines, bringing this small touch you are looking for.

The idea here is to choose the major color of the cushion in the tones already used in the room, but with a small golden touch for the lines or the printed pattern.

#7 – A set of golden and modern frames

Set of golden frames for modern home decor
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Frames are one of the oldest decor used. Don’t be fooled here: if you want a modern home decor, you should use modern style frames. Squared and non-carved frames are usually a very good and simple choice.

You can also use these frames to bring the golden accent you are looking for. Don’t forget to choose something to put in the frames that is harmonious with the walls, the room, and the frames.

#8 – A golden mirror frame in your modern home decor

Golden mirror frame for modern home decor
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We looked at the frames right before, but the idea is also very valid with mirrors.

If you struggle to find a content for your frames, a mirror can be a wonderful addition to a modern home decor. It will bring the golden accent while making the room looks bigger.

#9 – Modern and golden accessories

Golden elephant accessory for a modern home decor
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Accessories are also a wonderful way to bring a golden touch to a modern home decor.

Choose small but visible all golden accessories. It will bring light and chic style to your decor.

Animals and geometric shapes are often used for modern decor style.

#10 – Elegant plants covers in a modern home decor

Golden plant cover integrated in a modern home decor
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If you have plants in your decor, plants covers are an important point of it. You can use plain golden plants cover.

The contrast created by the golden of the cover, the green of the plant and the brown of the dirt is delighting.

#11 – Dare the golden cutlery for modern home decor

Golden cutlery with black plates
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The golden color is something to dare! So dare it with your cutlery. By coupling the golden cutlery with a black plate set, you will have a wonderful and modern table.

It’s an original touch that is not seen that often, but that is definitely gorgeous.

#12 – A golden line for your plates

Golden lines on a set of pink plates
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A simple golden line will transform a basic plate set into a modern and amazing plate set.

In order to remain in the modern home decor style, remember to keep things simple: simple shape, no printing. Just a golden line.

#13 – Decorate your kitchen with golden utensils

Golden utensils in a black and modern kitchen decor
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Kitchen can sometimes be hard to keep harmonious with the rest of the house with all these steel utensils.

Change these steel, grey colored ladles with golden ones. By leaving them out, it will be easier to grab but will create a nice touch in your home decor.

#14 – A duvet cover with geometric shapes

White and golden duvet cover
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Bedroom is a special room when it comes to modern home decor. Duvet cover is definitely an important piece of it.

Choose a duvet cover having golden and geometric shapes will definitely be a nice and modern touch to your bedroom.

Geometric shapes is also easy enough to the eyes to keep your bedroom cozy and welcoming to sleep.

#15 – Bathroom accessories

Black and golden bathroom accessories for a modern bathroom decor
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Bathroom also has space for golden accent. Once again, choosing items that are not fully golden, but nicely integrating this color is a good way to go.

White is often used for bathroom. Using black and gold colors create a very nice combination and will bring a strong modern touch to your bathroom.

#16 – A chic bathroom

Golden accents in a white and modern bathroom
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White is an important trend for the bathroom, as white is associated with purity and cleanliness.

Golden can be bring almost everywhere in the bathroom, with small touches: door handles, mirror frames, taps…

#17 – Amazing golden floor lamp for modern home decor

Golden floor lamp in a modern living room decor
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In a modern home decor, lighting is very important. Floor lamps are a good choice to bring a golden accent.

This big floor lamp brings a nice golden accent, without saturating the space with the color.

#18 – Golden home office environment

Golden touches for a modern home office decor
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Working should also be delightful in a modern home decor. A home office space can easily be integrated to your overall style.

The same principles applies: use the frames to bring the golden color in your home office space.

#19 – Subtil geometric golden shape on your carpet

Grey and golden carpet in a modern living room
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A carpet is an important part of a modern home decor. Geometric shapes are a well-known choice when creating this kind of decor.

For a modern carpet, choose one that has very color, with very simple shapes on it. These shapes should be golden in order to subtly bringing this color in the room.

#20 – Invest one part of the wall with wallpaper

Golden lines printed on a white wallpaper
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Using wallpaper with golden printed shapes or lines is a very nice and simple idea to bring this color to your modern home decor.

Using this wallpaper on a of the wall to create a dedicated space: the wall will be come an accent in your decor.