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7 decor ideas for your modern patio decor

This post gives you 7 ideas to have modern patio decor, which will perfectly fit with the rest of your modern home decor.

The patio is an extension of your house. One of the nicest areas, allowing you to enjoy fresh air, while still in the comfort of your cocoon – as much comfortable as a bedroom.

#1 – Modern styled furniture for patio

White patio with modern furniture
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You have plenty of possibilities there, depending on how much space you have and how you are using it.

For a chilling space, you could use a hammock or a hanging chair to give you the impression that you are floating in the air.

If you are more using it to gather your family and friends, having nice and cozy garden furniture is a very good choice. It’s also a good idea to mix materials there. For example, get a concrete table with wooden chairs.

For smaller spaces, a modern bistro table and bar stools will be perfect. If you want to chill, Adirondacks chairs are a must-have.

#2 – Lightings and fairy lights for modern patio

Patio with cozy lighting
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A modern patio can also be very chill. To create this feeling and having enough light to enjoy your late evenings, fairy lights are a must-have.

Play with multiple light sources and shapes to create a comfy ambiance: rounded, squared, on a string, floating… Everything is good here.

#3 – Curtains brings shading to modern patio

Modern patio decor with triangle curtain
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Comfort is still the main point of modern patio decor. Using large curtains will provide a very nice touch while creating shade and protecting you from the heat of the sun.

By using curtains instead of a parasol, you can use multiple shapes: triangle, square… Our favorite is definitely the triangle.

As a bonus, you can also use a curtain to separate spaces if you have a large patio.

#4 – Mix modern textiles and textures

Patio with a variations of textures and textiles
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For a nice modern decor, welcoming and cozy, you can add textures to your style. Select different textures when choosing your textiles.

Cushions, blankets, and pouf can all use different but harmonious textures.

#5 – Accessories and accents

Modern patio decor with a few accents
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As for textiles, feel free to add modern home accessories as you would inside your house.

For example, a frame, a mirror or even a basket can bring a touch of life in your patio. Multiple accents and accessories can bring a modern aspect to your decor.

#6 – Plants and their modern pots

A patio is all about being out, closer to nature. Pot plants, and more importantly the pots you are going to chose, are key elements of your modern patio decor.

Using darker colors for the pots bring a very classy look while highlighting the lighter plant.

Mix pots shapes and textures to create a living space. You can do the same with the plants, by choosing multiple shapes and sizes.

It’s a good idea to keep a limited amount of colors for the pots. However, you can use one pot of a different color to nicely catch the eyes on a particular spot.

Don’t forget: tableware is also very important.

#7. Rugs with modern shapes

Modern patio decor with a geometric shape rug
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Rugs are coming back. The exterior rug allows us to create patio with as much structure as an interior space.

It can help you define spaces or highlight the garden furniture.

It will bring a very personal and final touch to your modern patio decor. Feel free to chose a pattern that inspires and suits you. Very graphics and geometric pattern are the most used in modern styles.