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5 tips to create modern bedroom decor in your home

Creating modern bedroom decor in your home is all about the colors and the shapes you are going to choose. Modern home decor tends to use neutral colors, like grey and dark grey, with symmetrical and sharp shapes.

To bring life in the rooms, when you choose modern home furniture, you should add some colorful accents.

In this post, we present your 5 inspirations to create a modern bedroom decor style.

#1 – Smooth lighting for modern bedroom

Modern bedroom decor example with smooth lighting
Photo by William Sun from Pexels

Lighting is an important point in modern home decor. Very bright and white spots on the ceiling are very common.

As you are in a bedroom, you will also need softer and warmer lighting. Near the bed, it’s common to find other spots, with a modern design as well, often with a color contrasting with the wall.

#2 – Strong contrasts

Modern bedroom decor example with strong contrast
Photo by Kam Idris on Unsplash

If you want to decorate your home with modern inspiration, you have to create strong contrasts.

The idea is to have the walls painted in one color, and having the bed in the opposite color.

#3 – Materials and textures

Modern bedroom decor example with glass and rock
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Modern home decor in bedrooms is all about the materials and textures used. The idea is to mix all of them harmoniously.

Wood, glass, rock, and metal are often found in modernly inspired designs. This is the same idea as for textures in a modern patio.

#4 – Minimalism is key for a modern bedroom

Modern bedroom decor minimalist
Photo by Christopher Jolly on Unsplash

Modernism is also focusing on keeping a clean space. Minimalism and modernism work together perfectly.

When adding things in a room, focus only on what is required and needed. You will keep the space as empty as possible and will have more space to live in the room.

#5 – Straights lines

Modern bedroom decor example with straight lines
Photo by Felipe Hueb from Pexels

Modern home decor is about creating sharp shapes. When doing this decor style, designers tend to keep straight and parallel lines in the room.

The idea is not to keep everything aligned on one central line, but more to create a space that is simple for the eyes without too many distractions.