Interior decor

Modern wall decor: 6 amazing ideas

Modern wall decor is an amazing area of interior design. It allows you to use very unusual and original tricks to make your interior astonishing. We found for you 6 amazing and unusual items to smarten up your walls.

#1 – Modern wall decor with a car in your living room

A car front fixed to a wall for a modern wall decor style.

Look at this wonderful effect! There is nothing more modern than hanging a beautiful piece of a car to your wall. The good thing is that you can paint it according to the rest of your room so that it fits perfectly in it.

Lighting effects will also be very important to ensure that this important piece of your industrial wall decor is properly highlighted.

#2 – Give a second life to your bike

If you prepare it enough, you can reuse a lot of things you have in your garage. Your old bike is a perfect example.

Hang it to the ceiling, or to the wall to use it as a wardrobe. Feel free to use it as a central piece of your modern wall decor.

#3 – Bring skateboards to your modern wall decor

Skateboard are basically a piece of wood. You can find very original boards around the world.

No matter if you want to ride it or not, it will make an amazing addition to your decor. If you want like the DIY style, you can even add lights to it and use a skateboard as a ceiling light.

#4 – Modern wall decor with an oceanic touch

Surf board next to a desk creating a modern wall decor

Adding a surfboard to your overall decor is a very fine touch. The shape of it is definitely relaxing, bringing back good memories every time you will look at it.

To stay in the modern area, choose light colors that are coherent with the rest of the decor.

#5 – Sublimate your modern wall decor with paddles

Let’s continue with the holidays feeling. Paddles also bring good vibes in your mind.

They are made of wood and so can easily be personalized so that they have a very modern look. You can adapt the shapes and colors to the one already present in your modern home decor.

However, keep in mind that keeping the wood visible is very important and is the key point when getting paddle hang to your walls.

#6 – Expose your music instruments

Are you or anyone in your home a music player? You can use these instruments as modern wall decor. Guitars are the easiest to do so, but it’s also doable with a lot of other instruments.

You can also use an old drum set to create lighting, and get a very original style when lighting up your studio.