Cactus and plants on a patio table
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Summer patio table: 11 great ideas

Sunny season is the perfect time to spend time with your friend and family around your summer patio table. It’s time to invite and impress your guests…

You will find simple ideas to get a fresh, colorful, or refined deco for your table. Play with colors, materials, and your sensibility: guaranteed effect.

Give extra importance to your tableware choices, or bet on a breathtaking seasonal centerpiece.

1# – Summer patio table with tableware in pastel colors

Tableware in pastel colors on a summer patio table

Bet everything on special summer tableware and create an harmonious table by mixing pastel colors. Bowls, plates or smaller items, all of these elements will bring a fresh feeling to your table.

2# – Vivid colors and patterns for sun lovers

Vivid colors of tableware on a summer patio table

If you love patterns and vivid colors, you can choose in these tropical tints with original patters. Your table will be colorful and match your personality.

3# – Mix wood and colors for a summer patio table

Wood and colorful tableware on a summer patio table

Still for the vivid colors lovers, you can choose a natural tableware made of wood with a nice touch of color.

A flower bouquet or a Bonsai at the center of your table, reusing the same colors than the tableware, will add the final and harmonious touch.

#4 – A vegetal and fruity centerpiece

Enjoy selecting your favorite fruits, like citrus fruits, to create a fruity centerpiece. The bonus: your table will smell like summer.

#5 – A 100% spiky and vegetal centerpiece

Cactus and plants on a patio table

For cactus or small plant lovers, you can easily create this amazing vegetal decor.

#6 – Create natural and flowery compositions on your summer patio table

Custom wood creation for a centerpiece of a summer patio table

It is pretty simple to create a centerpiece by yourself for your patio table. Firstly, use natural elements like flowers, wood pieces. Then use anything to tie it all. Raffia or a linen rope is a perfect choice for that.

#7 – A monochrome centerpiece

Monochrome centerpiece on a summer patio table

Select only one color and create a centerpiece 100% monochrome with. You can use fruits, flowers, and why not some vegetables. Then add candles, diverse decoratives items – but always use the same color.

Finally, it’s a good idea is to listen to your own sensibility to select the color. You can use white for a calm and zen table or yellow for a sunny table.

#8 – A gourmet wink on your summer patio table

Ice cream cones and flower for a centerpiece

Create floral compositions who will make your friends and family smile by using ice cream cones. Everyone will be back to childhood in a minute.

For a childish effect, you can even add colorful candies on the table, or candy boxes using the same colors than the flowers you have chosen.

#9 – Use jars everywhere on your summer patio table

Jars on a summer patio table

Use jars of every size to set the table and for your centerpiece to create an harmonious and soft deco. Cocktails glasses, vases or candle holders: everything can be done with a jar.

Glass will allow you to create a fresh and natural deco, by adding flowers and natural items like a table runner, vegetals, fruits or even wiker place mates.

Small candle holders will definitely bring a cocooning effect at the end of your evening around your summer patio table.

#10 – Essential summer patio table accessory: beverage dispenser

For hot summer evenings around the patio table, this accessory will allow you at the same time to bring a fresh decorative touch but also to refresh your guests.

You can serve water aromatized with fruits or herbs, or cocktail fruits. What is important is that we can nice and beautiful through the glass of the dispenser.

#11 – Use linen tablecloth on your summer patio table

For a modern and refined deco, mixing materials is essential. If you would like to have a clean and simple deco, feel free to use a nice linen tablecloth. Only add or two items to your summer patio table to finish it, but not much. For example, a small bouquet or some small candles.